Killing Me Accords et Paroles

         E               B               A                                      E    B A

I felt bad for a couple of weeks when you let me down

                               E    B A

Now I feel much better

            E                     B                              A                                     E     B A

Yesterday I walked down the park and didn’t weep seeing the lovers

                                           E     B A

See it’s getting much better

         C#m                        A                                   E

But I really can’t do it, I really can’t get over you

            G#                                    C#m

I’m in pain when I’m thinking of you


You’re killing me...


Now you’re standing at my door,

you say you want to try to start it all over

I’m not getting better

You say that now you know you love me, missed me too much,

and that was bound to happen

Better sooner than never

Oh I really can’t stand it, I cannot turn my back on you

I know I should but I can’t live without you


You’re killing me...

              Solo    D A G

                          F#    A


Today you’re standing at the door,

your things are packed, you’re leaving forever

Seems you’re getting much better

You say you don’t want to hurt me, you’d better go,

your other man is in the Rover

No need to make it last any longer

And I really can’t hear it, I really can’t stand it when you

You say I shouldn’t have tried to keep you